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Classic Israeli treat of chocolate coated marshmallow, with cookie base.

Russian hat.(serbian dessert)​​

Cream cheese brownie cake.

Vanilla and oreo cookies cake.

Coffee cake or coffee walnut cake.

Cakes,birthday cakes, cakes for any occassion


Cake " Tiramisu"

Vanilla or chocolate cake with strawberry filling, also availible

with raspberry filling or cherry filling.

Cake "Black forest"

Tart with italian merengue cream

and plum jam.

Cream cheese raspberry mousse


Cake "Prague"

Contact to order.

Cake " Napoleon"( mille feuilles)

Honey cake.

Contact to order.

Cake "Kiev"(slice)

Vanilla or chocolate cake with vanilla or chocolate

ligth cream.

 Also coffee cream or custard cream.

Apple caramel mousse cake.

Contact to order.

Cake "Pleasure'.

Contact to order.

Honey cake (slice)


Cake "Fantasia"

Contact to order.

Chocolate cake with coffee cream cheese.

Contact to order.

Cheesecake "Silk"

Sponge roll cake with caramel.

You can find this product on

Regina Farmer Market every

Saturday from 9:00 a.m.

until 1:00 p.m.


Contact to order.

Traditional Russian cake "Bird's Milk"

Cream puffs.